Tammy El Herais

Tammy Al Herais sent her CV to Shell almost nine years ago and was quickly offered a position within the company. Having previously worked for Emirates Airlines managing their commercial sales and operations, she quickly worked her way up to Regional Sales Team Lead for Shell Aviation based in Dubai. Today, she uses her experience in aviation to manage the tenders and accounts with regional airlines.

“Working at Shell is like being at university, day in and day out,” Tammy said. “Over here, people are respected and valued and knowledge is easily shared. I personally believe that hard work, regardless of what you do, won’t go to waste. My passion for my work helps me to stay positive, even when things get challenging. The moment I don’t feel that drive, I’ll look for change.

Tammy has spent all of her working life in the private sector. She has never felt the need to work in the governmental sector, a popular choice for many, and said Shell offers her a lot of career progression opportunities.

She also enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment: “I've always liked the commercial world and used to help my dad run our family business. It’s never occurred to me to go into the government sector. In the private sector I've always had the power to make decisions and I enjoy working with diverse people – it’s very rich in the way that everyone shares their knowledge.”

Tammy El Herais

With many Emirati women being educated in universities in the UAE and abroad, Tammy believes their future in the private sector is bright. “International exposure brings you face-to-face with different cultures. It’s something that you come across in Shell every day. We definitely have a range of opportunities that the generations before us didn’t have. It is so rewarding.”

Outside of work, Tammy is a keen horse rider and traveller and recently spent a holiday hiking in Nepal. Back home in Dubai she does Pilates every day and enjoys being outdoors.

Thanks to Shell’s support, she is able to balance her work commitments with her personal life. “Shell doesn't discriminate between men and women; everyone gets support when they need it. If you need to take a few hours here and there to tend to personal matters, it is never a problem, as long as you take ownership of your work and prioritise to ensure you deliver everything on time.

“It is also my responsibility to make sure that I achieve all my professional and personal goals; I do that with the knowledge that on some days I may have to work longer hours than others, but at Shell, it’s not about punching in and out and watching the clock. I enjoy the flexibility and I feel trusted to do my work without having to forfeit my personal life.”

So far, Tammy has enjoyed a rewarding career, thanks to Shell’s support and passion for people development. “If you are driven and want to keep learning, just go for it. In a company like Shell, passion definitely takes you places.”

“International exposure brings you face-to-face with different cultures, something that you come across in Shell every day. We definitely have a range of opportunities that the generations before us didn't have. It is so rewarding.”

Tammy Al Herais

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