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About Shell

Shell is an international energy company with expertise in the exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and natural gas, and the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals. 

We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future. We also invest in power, including from low-carbon sources such as wind and solar; and new fuels for transport, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen.

Royal Dutch Shell was formed in 1907, although our history can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century.

Tracing Shell’s history takes you on a journey from London to Asia, from the birth of the motor car to the development of sustainable fuels. It is a history of exploration, innovation and a pioneering spirit that still guides Shell to this day.

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Shell at Dubai EXPO

Shell has been committed to the UAE for more than 80 years, our participation in EXPO is a natural extension of that partnership and we are excited to be part of one of the largest exhibitions ever.

EXPO has always been a place to share knowledge and great human milestones and we will proudly showcase our contribution to this process of connecting minds and making the future.

Expo 2020 is a celebration of the achievements of Emirati leaders in creating the UAE and turning it into one of the most prosperous nations in the world in just 50 years.

Our company has thrived on providing energy, creating opportunities for people to develop and prosper. For decades Shell has delivered the vital resources needed for greater global mobility. And today, sustainability is the priority for energy producers.

We will host events and discussions with Shell leaders focusing on aspects of the vital role that energy plays. We will bring our Shell Scenarios team to the UAE, to introduce their possible scenarios of future energy use.

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Shell Sustainability Exhibit

You can visit us at the Netherlands pavilion from the 27th of November until the 5th of December to experience our Energy Transition Exhibit. Our target is to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society’s progress towards the goal of the Paris Agreement, to limit the increase in the average global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Shell is the first energy company to submit its energy transition strategy to shareholders for an advisory vote. We will publish an update every three years until 2050. Every year, starting in 2022, we will also seek an advisory vote on our progress towards our plans and targets.

Through this exhibit we are showcasing some of the technologies and innovations that shell has developed over the years. These technologies enable us to operate more sustainably and help us work towards our goals to meet the Paris Agreement.

If you are interested in learning about this technology make sure to pass by the Netherlands pavilion to experience the Shell sustainability.

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Shell NXplorer X Injaz competition for youth

Now more than ever, we need to help empower and equip our youth with the complex and creative thinking needed to re-imagine our world, to make a difference and to #makethefuture together.

That is why Shell UAE has rolled out NXplorers in 2018, a programme that introduces young people to a new way of thinking, called NXthinking, to help them understand complexity and equip them with the tools and skills to create sustainable change.

We invite high school and university students who have an entrepreneurial idea and are willing to work on a prototype to join the competition. Students will be enrolled in the NXplorer program and paired with a mentor from Shell who will guide them on how to create a prototype for a chance to exhibit their idea for 3 days at the Dubai EXPO.

To learn more and to register kindly visit our partner Injaz’s page, click here.

NXplorers is a Shell Education Initiative. To find out more about the NXplorers programme, visit the programme’s website.

Shell Speakers

Shell Speaker


Date & Time


Houda Dabboussi, VP Commercial/NBD MENA.

Climate-positive development of the marine environment

Towards a sustainable marine infrastructure - taking the next steps

6th October 2021 Netherland’s Pavilion.
Paul Bogers, VP Hydrogen. EU GCC Energy Day on Hydrogen 14th November 2021 Netherland’s Pavilion.
Edward Daniels, EVP Strategy and Portfolio. A safe operating space for humanity (What does Net Zero look like to me?) 13 – 18 January 2022 UK Pavilion.
Elisabeth Brinton, EVP Hydrogen. Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER) Forum 18 January 2022 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.
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With less than a month to go, I am counting down the days until Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off. I am excited to gear up for Shell’s participation in this historic moment for the UAE.

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