UAE was the first nation in the region to commit to net-zero emissions by 2050, it is the location of the first nuclear energy plant in the Arab world and it will be home to COP28 at a critical moment for global progress on climate change, including the global stocktake. All of this is consistent with the leadership’s vision for a low-carbon high-growth economic model.

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What are Shell Scenarios?

Shell has been developing possible visions of the future since the early 1970s, helping generations of Shell leaders, academics, governments and businesses to explore ways forward and make better decisions. Shell Scenarios ask “what if?” questions, encouraging leaders to consider events that may only be remote possibilities and stretch their thinking.

The Energy Security Scenarios

Our latest scenarios look into the possible consequences of recent events, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine. How could the world fight climate change when its most immediate desire is for security?

The UAE scenarios sketch, written in close collaboration with the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, is an exploration of how this future could unfold. What you are reading now in this publication is a summary of the findings.